Top 5 songs of June 2021

And we are back with another monthly update about music. I am actually sticking to doing this again this month. I can't believe how excited I am to be doing this again. This from now will also become a blog about life updates and reading updates. (I will do anything to increase the number of … Continue reading Top 5 songs of June 2021

Anxious People

Chai Review 5 cups of tea *out of 5 Song for the book Budapest About the book A bank robbery has taken place. There is a hostage situation related to the bank robbery. The hostages are not present in the bank though. They are in a house where a real estate agent is hosting a … Continue reading Anxious People


Trigger warning The book talks about some triggering concepts like domestic abuse. Please use your discretion while deciding if you want to pick it up. Chai review 4 cups of tea *Out of 5 Song for the book Faces About the book This is a book about an unlikely friendship. Alison, in her teens, has … Continue reading Toffee